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Industrial redundant switch WD-RS1006M-PoE

Industrial redundant switch    

Product overview

Industrial grade redundant switch WD-RS1006M series is a new industrial grade redundant switch developed by Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co., LTD., using industrial grade material design, anti-static, anti-surge, anti-lightning, anti-pulse, high temperature, low temperature resistance, dust, moisture and corrosion resistance to ensure the stable communication of harsh industrial environment. Self-developed network redundancy technology, no network reconstruction time, no aware switching, to meet the plant core equipment operation and process automation and even energy supply stability requirements. Dual DC redundant power supply system design, greatly improve the reliability of switch power supply, to ensure the continuous stability of industrial production. Products are widely used in railway, mining, airport, subway, coal mine, intelligent storage, industrial automation control, intelligent garage and other sites.


1. Industrial chip program, working temperature -40-75℃
2. Integrated dual isolated power supply design, two power supply redundancy
3. Supports one gigabit SFP optical port and five Gigabit Ethernet ports
4. Supports two-channel Ethernet redundant data transmission
5. The maximum TCP/IP bandwidth of a redundant Ethernet port is 150Mbps
6. For TCP/IP traffic of 100 MBPS, the redundancy time is less than 10ms
7. Support four PSE PoE af/ ats to power PD devices
8. DC10-57V wide-voltage power supply system is adopted for both power channels

9. Support PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP and other industrial protocols
10. If our G40 series products are not used together, modify the MTU of the terminal to be less than 1450

Product parameter

 Model  WD-RS1006M/WD-RS1006M-PoE
 Interface  5*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 ports (Four of them support IEEE802.3 AT PoE output, and two of   them support redundant data transmission)
 1* gigabit SFP optical fiber port
 1* DC power supply port
 1* Ground port
 LED display light  1*PWR DC power supply indicator
 4*PoE power supply indicator
 1*SYS System running indicator
 5 x Ethernet status indicator
 1*SFP optical port status indicator
 Protocol(PHY)  IEEE802.3,IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3u
 Button  1*RESET
 Power supply  Supports IEEE802.3 AT POE Output (V1 requires 44V-57V DC Power supply)
 10V-57VDC DC power supply, providing reverse connection protection
 Dc input power supply dual redundancy (V1-V2)
 Operating temperature  Operating temperature: -40℃-75℃
 Operating humidity: 10%-90%RH non-condensing
 Storage temperature: -45℃-85℃
 Storage humidity: 5%-90%RH non-condensing
 Size  118x105x58mm(L×W×H)
 Installation  Rail mounting
 Weight  About 0.52kg
 Certification  FCC、CE ,RoHS
 Warranty  Five Years



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